The Tabernacle of David

The tabernacle of Moses

Has passed away in time;

But not so David's tent

Where I partake of bread and wine.

The tabernacle of David

True building of the Lord

With the power of God's presence

According to God's Word.

The tabernacle of David

Where I can worship free,

Before the throne of God

Because this truth I see.

The tabernnacle of David

Is where I'll always dwell

But to live in Moses' tabernacle

Is but religious hell.

Now, you must make a choice

Between religion and the truth;

And leave the outer court

Let me give you this reproof.

When in David's tabernacle

You will see God face to face

For by another name -

It's called Most Holy Place !

2 Samuel 6:14-19; Acts 15:13-17

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