Prayer is for praising God

Thank Him for what He's done;

Cleansing you from your sin

By the free gift of His Son.

Prayer is also for

Asking God for things;

Things that you may plan to do

And need God's help to see you through.

To pray is a thing that

Every man should do;

'cause when you pray to God

In faith; He listens to you.

To pray is a gift from God

A gift He's given to you

To tell Him of your problems

And to thank Him too.

I pray every day

It is continual when I pray

While I'm working, even sleeping;

For I know I'm in God's keeping.

I even pray while I write

Prayer by day and prayer by night,

That these poems that I pen

May bring some men home again.

Come before God, start to pray

Come before God, night and day;

Pray, pray and never cease

Be like me, know inward peace.

Philippians 4:6,7

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