The Preacher

The preacher was the one who said,

That, "All men do end up dead"

Another thing he did say

Was, "Life's just vanity anyway."

The Preacher was an old, old man

And from his years did understand

What was in life that could be won ?

For, "There's nothing new under the Sun."

The Preacher knew that all men die

So spoke the truth he did not lie;

"With nothing is every man born;

so too in death with nothing, gone."

The Preacher taught that life is short

And all OUR efforts come to nought;

He did not say this in despair

For, "Life is like a breath of air."

The Preacher finished and concluded

And his words were not deluded,

The end of the whole matter he did say;

Was, "Keep the commandments and God obey."

The Preacher in wisdom did understand

For what he taught came from God's hand

Who moulds a gold or clay pitcher;

The Preacher was Solomon from Holy Scripture.


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