I Loved A Satan

Look up at the blue sky,
Wanna hold you and fly high.
And the green trees beneath
Us would chase us whilst I'd breathe.

The sea is a mixed shade of blue
And green. Wandering with rue
And holding the guilt deep within.
Trying hard to brush away the dark sin.

The mirror speaks to her each
day, and she hears a horrid screech,
For she sees her reflection stare
at her. While she is standing bare.

Sinful t'was but none could see.
Lest know, she wanted to weep.
Harder it got as the day passed,
To go back and look into her past.

"Turn off the lights, Satan is coming"
She heard him say. He was humming
it aloud for her to realize she's soon
to be gone. Far away. To another moon.

The daisies in the vase turned black
And she could hear footsteps crack
And cursed the man sitting on her
Chest. Head stirring and sight blurred.

There were four men. All dressed
In black and red. Alas, I guessed
it right. They're no Satan's men,
Acquaintances, once again.

His hatred to the odds of my love
Dragged me into this chaos, Above
all it was hard to let him to let me
go. It was breaking me. It has to be.

The men grabbed my arm. Hard.
I couldn't feel my blood flow. Guard
my soul I begged Him. It was turning
into hell. With Satan's men burning.

I turned back, to look at him.
His lips pressed tightly, a grin,
Like he achieved it finally.
He let me go. So easily.

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Loved the colourful presentation

The presentation was very very nice & colourful. Layout was lovely. Oops sorry.. each 4-liner is a poem in its own merit. Best wishes from sizzling hot Kolkata