Is it wrong to love??


Walking down the lane, 

Feeling what I've felt, again. 
Could this stop throbbing me? 
Whilst you keep robbing me, 
Away from love, Away from me.

I remember the times we were 

Together, the me in me loved the 

You in you, I couldn't help but 
Fall for you, so hard, so bad,
but I was mad. 

I touched you, and felt that 

it's speaking to me. Words 
unheard by you, Words 
you didn't speak,and were few,
caressing your Hair. And you. 

It was the time, remembering 

how deeply I've loved you. Looking 
up at you, Wondering would you 
miss me when I'm away? 
Like I miss you?




Times change, they said. Good

 Things will eventually come to 
You, they said. How can it be true
I thought, while the only good thing
Happened to me, was the bad. 

When you walked outta that Door, 

leaving me amid the chaos, 
The screaming and cryings that
Happened right here in this room, 
Is this the good they talked about? 

It was time, I felt, to rethink 

What I want. Yes, I can't live without 
Him. Not a bit. It's hard. It's tough. 
But when you're attacked by the 
One you love, you've to fight back.