How About?

So many songs about finding the one

How they found you and life’s begun

But what about the people who never know

Living life with emptiness they never show

What happens when the one leaves?

Stolen heart by lying thieves

How much more can the heart strain

When the love dragon has been slain

They say if you’ve loved you’ll love again

This is logic upon which I cannot depend

So what about this middle ground?

Where ghosts of happiness sound

Echoes that have you running blind

You can’t fix the past you left behind

You start to lose your composure

Spent yourself in hopes of closure

But these distractions only scar

And they never get you very far

But who is surprised

You are no longer disguised

Cards all out on the table

This is a horror story not a fable

A story of torture and delusion

Insurmountable loss and confusion

Where there is no happy ending

No use in pretending

The truth is it was a lie

Now you must decide

Do you stay in the house of mirrors?

Or join the band of losers?

Run this maze until you’ve run out of breath?

Or lie down admit defeat and give into death?

How about being undead

Living out the lies we were fed

Disproving that joy can last

And the present can do without the past

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