dog days of summer

its not easy being me

i guess thats what they fail to see

you claim you know whats true

still little do i know of you

perhaps thats why things never pan out

because you failed to impress me and stand out

your anger louder than my cry

the pain we carry deep inside

still we go on as we always do

same old game its nothing new

the point is lost

risks too great a cost

so we bet little and win less

sacrifice is the ultimate test

give me your sins give me your smile

give me lies and u'll lose in a lil while

the games we play the dance we dance

the little things all left to chance

the strategist has no plan

so he plays his only hand

what else is there to do

when life gets down on you

just hold on a little longer

hope tomorrow you wake up stronger

avoid today

go out and play

once forgotten twice removed

so youve gotten into a groove

its just another day that much is true

just another day to do as you do

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