A Letter To My Narcissist

A New Era

Dear Narcissist, 

3 years ago I loved you dearly.  Even through the bullshit you put me through.  I wanted us to work out.  I did marry you and it was meant for life.  But you never really saw me as your soulmate.  Not like you claimed.  You only saw me as a victim.  Someone to belittle.  Someone to tear down and destroy.  I left you.  I left you with hatred for you that I've never had for anyone.  I was no good for you,  Just because, I wouldn't bow down to you like you were a King.  But I survived you.  I'm a wolf,  so I have the will to survive.  I also have a heart of a Phoenix,  so if I fall and burn,  I will rise from the ashes.  I left when I realized you didn't love me and my love for you turned into hate.  But I do hope that you find love.  A love that will make you see what you are and make you want to change yourself for the better.  I hope you find that kinda future.  I just wasn't it for you.  You wasn't it for me.  But I'm okay with that.  I'm better without you.  

                                                                    ~Stephy Philbeck

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July 9, 2018

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and now you are a better

and now you are a better person,you`re stronger and wiser

sad when it falls apart,especially when you believe it`s the right one

ron parrish

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Some are incapable of

Some are incapable of returning the love you can give them. Your love is blinding and beautiful and they can’t comprehend it. You need someone who can match that fire. I hope you are better! Beautiful write. 

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