A Wolf and Phoenix Intertwined

A New Era

I am a Wolf...

The one with a Free-spirit.

Who's strong and tenacious.

One who fights for what's hers. 

I am a Phoenix...

The one who never gives up. 

Who always gets back up. 

One who is fierce.


I am a Wolf...

With the soul of a Phoenix 

Inside of my heart,

cuz if I fall, just like the Phoenix, 

I will rise from the ashes! 


I am a Wolf and a Phoenix

intertwined together...As one.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

March 22, 2018

~everyone on here knows me as Wolfie,  but I changed my usernameso I'll remember my mantra which is: I may fall, but like the Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes!

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Your rising fire has shown

this path for us is noble.

If you, my friend, are wolf.

I will tell you I am hopeful.

© Sootyash All rights reserved.

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I'm both in one.  I'm more of

I'm both in one.  I'm more of a Wolf though with the soul of a Phoenix intertwined with my heart.  I say that about myself,  cuz like the wolf,  I'm free-spirited and then like the Phoenix,  I always get back up.  I always rise from the ashes. 

*~I may fall, but just like the Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes~*