Caresses of the Mind

2011 Poetry


Caresses of the Mind

My mind goes to her
with thoughts of caresses,
softly touching
her most intimate spots……
while tenderly kissing
her soft supple lips.
I can feel the delight
deep within my being,
while this intense desire
rages beneath my flesh.
Euphoria travels
within my thoughts,
as she astral projects herself
from across the land.
It’s then that I am one
with my mistress from afar,
and she feels that
which rages within my depths.


© 2011 Philip N. Carcione



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LadyRaine's picture

Romantic, passionate,

Romantic, passionate, beautiful and tragic all rolled into one,
just the way I like it! Excellent piece Phil...

vilmazab's picture

What a beautiful piece, for

What a beautiful piece, for lovers who will never be, friends who will never meet and dreams that stays just a dream..