Lego Land

2008 Poetry

Lego Land

Lego Land is small and really tiny,

with plastic people shrunk and frozen still.

Glad they can’t talk for they would be whiny,

loud and forever screaming with a shrill.

Visiting their museums would be a trip,

with silly artwork hanging on the walls.

We would go through it quickly in a blip,

while walking up and down their little halls.

Wonderful shiny pieces all connected,

in amazing shapes that were injected.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Sonnetina

This form is a shortened version of the Sonnet. It contains just 10 lines, and is comprised of two quatrains and a couplet. The couplet can be placed either after the two quatrains, or between them. As it is a shortened Sonnet I think the longer lines of pentameter should prevail. If the variation of the closing quatrain is used, the volta appears after the couplet, which acts as a kind of middle ground between the two quatrains. The rhyme scheme for the quatrains can be envelope or alternating (a,b,b,a, or a,b,a,b,) or they can be unrhymed.

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