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My name is Phil,im 32 years old and I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin.I have been writing poems since i was 13-14 years old.My favorite poets are Edgar Alan Poe and Tupac Shakur.My style of writing is a little dark,government and some of love.I LOVE to rhyme my poems because i also do a little hip hop.Please comment on my poems or send me a message if youd like to chat.Thank you for reading this.....take care!!

About My Navel

This is off the top of my head so...ill give it a try.

My navel,its not a outty.its a inny
its not too deep,due to me being skinny
my navel,a food supply before i was born
im only 32 years old so its far from worn

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Poems,music,drums,football (PACKERS) my kids


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