Angers and frustrations


Everything is fucked up, right now,

I just need intervention,

Gotta pick myself up where do i start?

Now i cant turn to you when it all falls apart,

Havent a clue where i am,

Dont know who my real friends are anymore,

And not to mention Ive drunk to much,

I am a revelution to myself,

I gotta hold on tight,

Close my eyes and scream

Why do i have to explain who i am?!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Doubt he'll even understand.

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Rhemorigher Arbeth's picture

I'm sorry I fucked up, I'm sorry Ilet you down, I'm sorry I couldn't do what you needed and I sorry I wasn't enough. I wish I could be there to help you, loved or hated I still want to help. Why are you a revolution to yourself? What is so new? I can't judge your friends but I wish you could still count me among them, though I know you wont.

I'm sorry I hurt you, harmed you and broke you, I'm sorry I can't fix you, hold you and heal you. I'm not sorry for loving you, and I never will be.

phantomsheart's picture

Broke me?! I don't think so

Broke me?! I don't think so buddy. Hurt yes, broke... no. Because of you I lost one of my closest friends, I don't know what crap you told him, but hey its been what 12 years? Who cares. live and let live and all that.


I hope you were able to love yourself in the end. God knows you deserve to.