Terrible mistake.

It was only one night,

but a night long enough to make the biggest mistake of my life,

Why I did it I can not say,

All i can say is,

"I love you"

I know that will never change,

I don't know how I'll cope with out you,

Or even if i will cope,

I know that I'll alway love you.

"You are perfect"

That is the complete truth,

You are truly amazing,

I must be the stupidest person alive,

to have hurt you.

"I'm so sorry"

I know you wont believe me if i keep saying it,

or if i keep telling you I love you,

i don't want to lose,

All i seek is your forgiveness,

"Words escape me"

I no longer know how to show you,

how much i love you,

how sorry i am,

how guilty i feel,

how lonely i am without you.

"Forgive me?"

I am on my knees now, begging you,

just to look at me,

I am worth nothing now this i know,

Only please look one more time,

please see the truth in my eyes,

know i love you,

know i am sorry,

know i will not live without you.

Know you are my world, my light, my air, my everything.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I truly am sorry. I was so stupid. I feel worthless. I'll only ever love you, promise to remember that. please dont walk away.

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Rhemorigher Arbeth's picture

I forgive you, I can't hold it against you and I wont try. I just wish I could be there now to make you feel better. You arent worhtless you're pricless, you arent stupid you're brilliant and you arent sorry you're forgiven. I'll remember you and your love in every moment and every place.