The birthday bash.


Moi? Drunk? NEVER!

Hehehe I'm pissed hehehe?Fairy water

My toes are drunk! I can't feel my toes!

I never?Kissed a guy,

           or kissed a girl!

Glug glug, everyone takes a drink.

I'm not drunk! blurgh!

I'm so drunk I can't stand,

I'll just have to stay at your place,

I baggsie God mother!

Ruuth! One track mind and it's a dirt track!

Truth or dare?!

Truth? You boring bugger!

Fine then dare.

I never said I had one for ya!

Wee I'm drunk. Oooh monkeys!

I feel a little sick.

Ge' 'er up dem stairs noo like.

Vodka and pepsi in our systems,

We're all under the affluence of incohol!

There'll be blood

in our alcohol streams but,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Best birthday bash ever!

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phantomsheart's picture


Fucking hell.... took me right back to this night. What a laugh!

Dark Raven's picture

Damn straight it was the best birthday bash ever! And thanks for not going into too much detail about what I got up to...I was definitely the most drunk there lol!

Rhemorigher Arbeth's picture

So you'd be Laurent then. Thas was great fun, love the last line. We should do that soon. (With less coke and vodka obviously .... just the vodka.)

mouths_of_babes's picture

Ahhhh, the memories. Of ourse we weren't drunk! We're far too innocent.

Queen_Serenity's picture

that is a good poem! i like it. were you ACTUALLY drunk when you wrote it? lol cos well its amazing. yes i remember your party. i think ;) Oh i have my implant now. it bloodywell hurt like a mother fucker, anyways. yeah cool poem!

phantomsheart's picture

Yeh they do that...but oh so worth it! Watch out though for the penis shaped bruise. That is FUNNY!