I close my eyes

I close my eyes,

and you are stood there before me,

You my love,

In all your glory.

When i open them.

you are gone again,

you've gone back home,

The other side of the world.

This bed is too big,

for little me,

i need you here,

to hold me.

I wish i could turn around,

and you'd be there,

to hold me, to kiss me

to protect me the way you did.

I wish we could be together,

you and me alone,

all the things we could do,

swim around my head, tormenting.

Sometimes i want to curl up and die,

i always want to be by your side,

sometimes the blade calls out to me,

sometimes i give in.

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phantomsheart's picture

I look forward to that kiss. I look forward to being with you again.

Rhemorigher Arbeth's picture

I'll always be with you in spirit and mind, and give me the slightest chance and I'll be there to hold you. I wish I could help you, but one day we'll see each other again, and we can work through all this pain in one long kiss.