The olden days

Kassandra Darakov

I could watch the sun rise and fall,

Be with him day and night,

Then it all changed,

Teeth sank into the flesh of my neck,

a dark summers night,

The middle of july,

I was found...


I could no longer speak to them,

I had to watch them from afar,

watch them die at the hands of nature.

On a hots summers eve,

a small innocent girls life is stripped,

from flesh and bone,

her body dead on the ground,

unable to rise again.

A fathers grief tore a strong man apart,

A father and husband and strong worker,

deminished within days to a wretch,

I still loved him then.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written from a fictional charecters point of view. Poor Kassandra.

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Kassandra's picture

*le Pounce* Thank yee Julius!!!!

Kassandra Drakov's picture

Why thankyou my childe...I think. Pah, who cares all that much anymore, I got Julius!

Araceli's picture

Yeah, she even wins over the tragedy in my life! Well done, my sire... and this is my good side talking.

Namir's picture

poor Kassandra.... it seems to me her choice in dates needed that awakening. BUt it is unfortunate how that awakening came about. it is even sadder that it was the end of her life and those so close to her.

(by the way... you sent me some where awile back to look at some of Kassandra's stuff.. i tried to check in again only to find the website gone what happened?)

Julius's picture

Who says you have me?

Just kidding, I love you no matter what the past held the future brings life thats where we must look.