I do not fear death,

but neither do i embrace it,

you think that because of the social catagory,

you fall into that you can,

dictate to me how to dress,





and worst of all...

Who i can and can't love.

But today is the day you'll learn your lesson,

Today is the day my wings will learn how to fly,

Angel wings will carry me high up into the sky,

and you shall never tear me down again,

For angel wings can carry me higher and further with his love,

than yours will without any real,






Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was inspired by a boy at school who told me how to dress goth! HA! He has no idea... i may be a goth and may now belong to a social catagory but i am still an individual.

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Elliot Ross's picture

hi lily i like this one. but i just want to know is it about me or some other poor bastard that has tryed to tell you how to dress??

Namir's picture

dressing goth and being goth are not one in the same most of the time.
but it's great that you were inspired by something other than gloom. add this to a portfolio.