Thank you

My best friend,

my one true love,

the one who saved me

from the missery that my life had become.

Saved my life in more ways than one,

saved me from the grips of depression,

saved me from my pain,

saved me from myself,

saved my life.

Simple realy anyone could have done it,

dialed those three numbers,

called for that vehicle,

to take me away from pain.

I thankyou for saving my life from my asthma,

i thankyou for showing me love doesnt have to hurt,

I thankyou for taking me away from his spiral of pain,

I never looked abusive, it wasn't visable,

there were no bruises or broken bones,

yet he still made me feel worthless,

like i didn't deserve my friends,

my mum...

Thankyou for telling me the truth.

Even though it wasn't for long,

maybe it was enough,

I'm talking shit...

I wish i could keep you forever,

But i can't, friends now.

Best friends...

At least you are still there,

I'll dream of what might have been every night,

dream of you, your laugh, your smile,

the way you're eye twinkles when you've got an idea,

the way you held me in your arms,

the way you kissed me, as though nothing else in the world matttered.

I can't control my dreams, but I know you'll be there.


Author's Notes/Comments: know who you are. :D love you.
((very long time ago:P))

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Night Child's picture

aww that is lovely! your poems are really good.ur really talented!

Namir's picture

this is great work. i have one similar but more of a death scene.. and it's a SS(short story). but you should titl this one simly "Thank You."

now to move on to the others..... *grins evily*