been standing in the rain waiting for you to come,

i've been waiting for so long and i don't know why,

i don't need your lies or excuses,

still waiting, i'm still waiting,

i'm lying on the bed, nothing in my head,

and i'm wondering what i should do,

i'm lying on the floor, screaming at the door,

and i still aint with you.

looking for the right time to change myself,

looking for excuses to save my life,

always on the wrong bloody line,

looking for excuses to change my mind.

pains of love, flaws of heart,

times of happiness not in my life,

how to say, when to say

in the game of my heart.

i'm lying on the bed, everything in my head

all thoughts of you,

i'm leaning on my door,blood staining the floor,

and i still aint with you.

i'm sorry i could have tried a bit harder,

my life got a bit sadder,

allthough it happened so fast,

even though your life seems so pointless without me.

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I think I've heard this one before, and I still love it. ^_^* It should be a song. Definitely. Your straight-to-No.1 hit. Or something, anyway... I -love- the chorus part. I've got the 'lying on the bed' parts stuck in my head now. Complete with my version of a tune. Heh... Ah well... not something I mind too much! ^_^

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personal...... it seems to me that you are a manic depressive.. or 100% a normal girl. but anyways. This is good writing you should keep it is a folder in case some one needs an idea of how depressed you get.

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Good spotting, at this time

Good spotting, at this time in my life i was indded and undiagnosed depressive person. I am now thakfully a much healthier (mentally) 30yr old with a family of her own even!


The black dog gets sent to the croner when he tries to creep in theses days.