we still remember

We still remember

We who live beneath the bows

The moonlight on the eastern seas

It grew around us

In our work and in our hearts

Then it was gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this during a time when i was recovering from a nervous breakdown. The poem depicts how i felt.

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~~*Soul's picture

I'm no expert on poetry, but what I do remember from English lessons (most spent drawing, rather than thinking about Christina Rossetti's offerings) is that it should evoke some emotion...

And boy, does this evoke emotion.

I love the imagery of the bows -- I picture ship's bows; whether that was intentional or not I don't know, but it sure as hecky works well -- and the moonlight on the water. It gives a wonderful melancholic feel; having had a minor nervous breakdown myself, and being pretty low a lot of the time, I think I can partly understand some of what you were (are?) going through. The last line is singularly effective -- a pointed but somehow also soft ending that drives home the idea of something being 'gone'. Is the moonlight a symbol of sadness or simply a thing of beauty? Or both? Or am I simply reading too much into this... apparently something from those Rossetti lessons did sink in...

In short, I think this is a wonderful, evocative poem, one I can see as both emotional and inspirational. In three little words: I love it.