Ten thousand miles

Ten thousand miles seperates you from me,

Ten thousand miles of land and sea,

Ten thousand worries about you,

Ten thousand dreams a night of you.

I worry, you'll pick up the blade,

quide along the vein,

too deep, too far,

Please don't.

I worry, you'll get the pills,

a glass of water, it wouldn't take much.

Only 36 pills, and i'll never see you again,

Put them down, leave them be.

All the places i know we went,

It's hard for you I know,

The knife, the pills, they seem so easy,

Don't take that way out.

Don't commit suicide, Don't do it,

I'm still there by your side,

My heart i gave to you.

If you die so will i.

Please don't,

i beg you to reconsider.

I love you more than words can describe,

Please don't completly leave my side.

I know, i left you alone,

I didn't want to, that i promise,

I'll come back, you'll see,

We'll be together again,

You and me. Together.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Alex this is for you. I beg you to put all thoughts of suicide away, i beg you not to die. I love you.

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Rhemorigher Arbeth's picture

First off why no comments? Second I didn't comment as I was unaware it existed (even though I've visited this page near everyday ... yeah I know I'm soppy.)

I promise I'll try
I'll give it all I have.
Please dont cry,
over things not yet passed.
I'll live my life,
I'll wait for you.
I'll fight the knife,
my love shall see me through.
The pills shall stay within the pot,
the rope stay wound and hiden away.
You I pray shall return, the pills i do not,
there they are but you unlike they, I pray will stay.

Lily, I dont care if your love shall cease, by you face I shall know peace. And on this valentines day so close to hand within my heart, I shall lend to you my heart.

Just wait I'm working on something special for you, I know I will like the memories it conjures and I hope you shall as well.

I'll not self-harm more than I need, but this I swear upon my soul, within a year I'll not lie dead and cold. For with the drive of my heart, and your face in my eyes. I can force my heart, my soul to survive.

I love you more than you shall ever know or words shall express.