The Unhealthiness That Dwells Within

They took down all his pictures

Threw them away

They tried to force me to eat

They tried to get me to talk

They were so worried

They constantly swarmed around me

Since he left, I haven't said a word

If memories didn't haunt me

Would my heart be okay?

Living in the past, even my

calendar sweetly lies to me

He litters my wall

And I constantly spray his cologne

I haven't taken off his shirt yet

I think I'll keep it on...

Fed up with worry they drag

me out of my room

Yet again destroying his things

But now it's more menacing

I hear my fantasy world shatter

And as they drag me away

To an all-white room

I scream " NO!! Let me live in

The world in which I still

have him!!!"

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Sarah Waldrop's picture

This is truly very beautifull, i am in awe of how majestic and powerful this poem is, very well down my love.
-always, sarahw