She drives a Dodge Dynasty

and hums as the windows rattle

the car trembles- sixty miles per hour

and an old casset plays 70's that murmer

songs sung a decade before her conception

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Writers today seem to be afraid to write about the daily grind, the minutiae of life's travails.

The act of writing poetry is something that is very personal and sharing, even if we don't like the piece of work can be a painful experience.

I can give a short review like: "good poem," "I like this," and "awesome," but these comments are not helpful, not in regard to growth as a writer or as a person.

You are a gifted writer. We poets are pensive souls. We take our poetry to heart. Just remember there is no wrong way or right way to express onself so long as you are respectful.

This poet is always going to learn from emotion. You are an accomplished poet.
Never change, emotion is the key.

Be passionate in all that you write and in all that you percieve your wants and needs to be.


"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

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really a good and inspiring poem...liked it..the idea is good enough and the way you did is wonderful...hope my poetry will also inspire your heart