My Envy


Don’t you know I envy you

Too beautiful to be human

Too sincere to be a façade

And yet you don’t adore yourself?

How is that done, how can you do that!

Ever grateful, ever graceful, and always

Full of gratitude

What would I do to be

Rid of this disease, to finally be normal

It should be a sin to be Bipolar

And our so thin, girl!

Look how your clothes

Touch your shapeless ballet body

Perfect in every place never seen before

The pains I’ve already gone through

For my body, and I’m still me!


How many hours have I breathed

Nothing but toilet water

And drank nothing but salt water

God what I’d do to be born


Like you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Deticated to a BITCH of a friend (Susannah)[I hope this dosn't sound well lesbian-like,'cause when i fist read it thats what I thought. That wasnt the intention!]

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