By Peggikaye Eagler

HEART ... When you are writing, you are showing the reader your heart. You are giving them a piece of you, your history, your knowledge, your spirit, or something you feel you have to share.

EXPRESS ... your thoughts clearly and in a way that catches attention. Do not try to be too clever or too cryptic or your reader might not get the point. Too plain, and they won’t want to read it. Too flowery and they will not get to the point before they loose interest.

AUTHENTICITY ...What you write MUST come from a place of honesty, if not; the reader will soon get the feeling they cannot trust what the writer is saying.

READ... Reading a wide variety of materials will help you to become a better writer. Once you know what style of writing you like to do, the more reading you do, especially in your style of writing, the better writer you will become.

TEXT... Grammar, punctuation and other errors can be fixed after you’ve written the heart of what you’re writing and what you need to say.

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