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collecting elephants ... collecting pigs ...don't ask about the pigs, it's not a nice story. I love to work at my church behind the scenes ... poking my head out every now and then to sign a song (sign language)but other than that ... I like the annonymity!

I love to write about how God has done great things in my life. My poetry comes from years of struggling to find who I am ... I have always known that I love being a Christian, but wasn't sure why God loved me. Through my writing and through some therapy, I have learned that God does in fact love me. Some of my poetry is serious, but most of it is light, and encouraging ... almost all of it is filled with my Christian faith.

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My belly button is deep
It is not easy, clean to keep.
Who has such a deep innie?
I think I'd rather have a minnie!

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Yea ... right!


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