The Perfect Poem

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As I search for that perfect poem,

that flows so smooth

the words seem like they oooze

underneath your breath

as you quietly read it to yourself.

A poem whose health

is so divine

fine like wine.

That after each line it only seems to get better.

A poem whose previous lines

stays implanted in the mind

helping to bring forth understanding.

This understanding is sure to come

when others attempt to write a perfect poem,

It will already be known that it has been done.

Yeah that's the ONE.

The ONE that only poetic minds have the capability

of knowing,

That once it's done

I own all rights to "The Perfect Poem".

Some may even try to say

that they have read and even written better.

They will also have to admit to reading and that

I have written "The Perfect Poem".

What I like about this is that I am the boss,

I can end this right now

and next month pick up where I left off

and flow Part II of "The Perfect Poem".

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