Untold story of love or lust

My heart begins to race
When we glance a stare
My heart skips a beat
I can only bare
My stomach gets butterflies
When I hear you speak
If only you knew
How my knees get weak
My body starts to shiver
When you walk by
But you don't say anything
Not hello, not goodbye
If only you'd see me
Through a clear window glass
My heart won't slow down
It's moving way to fast
Is what I'm feeling love
Or is it more of a lust
I'm forced not to believe
But my heart says to trust
Are you what you seem to be
Or hiding what you are
I'm trying to guess and assume
But we stand way to far
Thinking of me and you together
Can only be a dream
But when you stare at me
Is it what seems ?
So right now I say farewell
And leave the story untold
We're we thinking the same thing ?
Only god will know.........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hope you enjoy :) please comment and give feedback.

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wow! i really like this poem.

wow! i really like this poem. it's sad, but it's really great. i can relate to what you mean by how your heart begins to beat rally fast. i think we all can or could at some point in time. good poem:)

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