(Man finds no time to make amends)


Countless tries couldn’t make it; every time I neared, it went afar;

Could I make it or get it lost, once for all to make it mine?

It’s a foregone conclusion and the writing is on the wall;

But no one knows how it eludes my wretched mind and soul!


Like a millionaire, I spent my nights as if I were in a cozy bed!

Not as a miser when I dreamt; and as an emperor I acted in life.

Days and nights were just the same as my hallucinations took me far;

I lost my way at a dreamy land; not knowing, how to get back!


It could have been just enough, if I had it at nights when I slept; but,

I was over ambitious to have it all day, unaware of its repercussions;

Oh! I overspent my ‘Sleep’ and made it exhaust, round the clock;

Now, where will I go and ask for it, as it’s seen nowhere near!


It was with me all through my life; but I didn’t know, what a luxury it was!

I took it for granted and didn’t spare the thought of, how precious it was?

And, now! I’m looking for the place where I have lost my priceless gift!

Better late than never I’m told; to get back my sleep and time which I’ve lost!


Time and tide wait for no man; hence, my sleep and time has left me stealthily;

They should have been honored when they were with me, all through the hay days!

But, I cast them off by giving no rest to put myself in a strangle hold;

Oh! I am beginning to see you taking over me, casting your eternal sleep!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Man wastes his time and energy and then realizes his fault.  Though he takes a 'U turn' to amend his mistakes, he finds no time to do it 'coz death casts its shadow on him.  When he is young, he spends his time by dozing off, when he wakes up after a while, he realizes that its too late.


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You drive the point nicely Mr Ben Sir

You drive the point nicely Mr Ben Sir viz. in real life there is no retake or action replay.



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Mr. Bishu,

When we have everything at our disposal, we don't give importance to such things.  Only after losing them we make a big hue and cry!  That's what man is!  What's under his nose, he doesn't see and wastes all his time and energy on unnecessary matters.  Finally he regrets. Thanks for the comment.