Everyone’s right; but not me for I’m lost in wilderness!

As the whims and fancies of men keep taking shape

The virtuous get submerged by the acts of the unscrupulous

In the ocean of sin that’s flooded by crumbled minds.


Oh! You, uncanny fellows! Should you brag and dare

And unsettle the minds of the meek and mild?

Don’t you hear the meandering cry of the oppressed,

As they sink and go deep down with a silent mourn?


Expressing physical pain is just a spontaneous cry;

But then, when the mind keeps crying within,

It sheds no tears for it comes deep down from the eye of heart;

Oh! Then, words are just few to express one-self and be out of the dark.


What does the mind cry for?  No one knows for sure!

You have been smothered and has become a laughing stalk;

Your words go missing and you fumble and stumble

When your friends keep asking why? and what for?


Too much a torture this; as the pain keeps creeping,

Would you ever feel the eternal let-up

Once the culprits had dealt a meaty blow?

Oh! You aren’t the Almighty as you’re still a human.


Everyone is right; but not me, certainly!

I take the blame on me, shouldering responsibility;

I’d like to address it as my own earthly-mistake;

For not helping my fellow human beings to be frank and fair!


It’s me, and no one else I need to search for to put the blame on;

Everyone is right; but not me, I reckon!

I’m to be blamed for putting myself down,

While my heart makes a heart-rending cry!


Oh! I feel the stinging pain in my broken-heart

It’s so excruciating that I can’t bear and share!

When my eyes keep shedding tears, others raise their brows; 

Yet, the pain creeps within and breaks my heart, caring none.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If everyone thinks, he or she is right and I am wrong, it's not their fault.  I take it to be my fault for my failure to correct those people who are around me.  Hence the title 'Everyone is right; but not me'!


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Sir !!!! Sir !!! Sir !!! Mr Good Ben Sir

Hope U R well. It's just how things are Ben Sir my good friend. We MUST commit mistakes that's why we're humans. What's a mistake to 8 people may not be considered a mistake by the remaining two.You must continue to do whatever you think is RIGHT even if EVERYONE tells you that you're wrong. Have complete trust in yourself Mr Ben.As for crying there is no shame in tears. Tears lighten the mind. You know some great people in seclusion wept and wailed loudly shedding tears without any plausible reason. No.. they weren't mad ..they are being worshipped now.



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Commiting mistakes deliberately will not make us feel for what we have done; but if you are made to feel for no mistake of yours, then it hurts. So you take the blame on yourself thinking that others are saints and would do no wrong.  You know, you can't change others but you can change yourself.  Thanks a lot my friend, Bishu.