Born of the same mother
over 10 years apart.

Never learned truly what's deep
in there heart.

We missed sharing our childhood.
and weren't very close.
Our brothers love we had in common,
and it's him I miss the most.

I recall my sisters dressed up
for a party or a date.
I couldn't wait to grow big
so with them I could stay up late

As soon as there car
would carry them away.
I'd run off to there bedroom
to put on makeup and play

As years passed by
life pushed us further apart.
How can we become closer
Tell me where to start.

I guess disappointment
is the message in this poem I send.
There disappointed in me
and I'm disappointed in them.

I love them and miss them,
wish we were close!
In fact, It's a prayer
that I've prayed the most.

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