Burning of The Poet

So much human torment. But alas, without pain I would be nothing more then a comic. Some clown of pretense.

I am so fortunate to cry in the form of poetry. Define the loneliness and suffering of life in words.

I smear it across my heart. It burns the flesh and seeps

deep into the soul. Where internal flames are forever embedded.

Exact from thine soul pained truth.

Spill this lava like verbiage on to paper.

Feel the intensity! Then a calming.

A taste of tempory relief with a swift healing breezonce it's been reveled.

Admire this smoldering soulful piece of work of the now scripted torture you lived. Your crys and pain become art.

To the poet it may one day become cold to the touch.

Yet, may severely burn another.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not all painfull occurences can be defind and understood. Warning: Never keep all the fire inside.It will burn up your soul.

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As a child, I'd yell for
Mother and fathers attention.
"Look!!! see what I can do?"
Than mother would say
"No one can do that better than you!"
... Oh, The confidence they would build.
I was so proud of my achievement
And completely thrilled.
As an adult keep their praise in your heart,
Then you and confidence shall never part.
Yet, if mother and father did not give praise
Then generate your own in self-loving ways.
This in it's self may seem to take longer
Yet, achievements like this
Shall make you much stronger!


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another beautiful truthful piece!

ugonna's picture

Enlightening and moving in
its metaphoric imagery of
the heart...:

"A swift healing breeze
Your cries and pain become art

Indeed, there is a healing beauty
of the human spirit within the
breath of these smoothly crafted

Thank you so much, Patricia, for
letting this "smouldering relief"
come our way...


Ernest Bevans's picture

Welcome back Patricia,
I hope you will refresh us
with more new poetry. concerning
the writers luck delima, it is not
such a curse but actually a blessing
to be able to find a release on paper.
Our suffering in ink is but a bridge
which connects us to the rest of the
world. Thank you for coming back.
Please Keep Writing - Keep the faith.

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Beautiful and truthful words you have written here. Never let the flames consume you.

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As the first one to read this poem let me be the first to say this wonderfull ladie is a poetic god. She writes as butiful an wonderfull as ever this poem is great I hope to see more in the future ...Poet1616