The doors was closed tight,

Yet, he got inside my heart.

He walked in like a vandal

and tore it apart.

So now time for repair and what I foresee,

is a thicker door with stronger locks

I'll throw away the key.

So here I sit again alone once more,

Praying someone kind finds the key to my door.

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Michael Wakeman's picture

Patrica, this poem really speaks to me just now. By the way, I just sent you an e, but you may not open it because it has an AOL banner I decided to add at the last minute. Michael, artist, LPN and now, security officer(until I am a fulltime artist!!)

. Donkerman's picture

Dear Patricia Yes, we have to kiss so many frogs! Believe me - I had my share of kissing, lol! The lock is no answer… Regards Donkerman