Unhealthy Temptation

   Pop a pill,drink some brew! Cop a buzz!

What's one to do?

Craving unnatural sensations?

Learn to say no to your strongest temptation!

When slipping down depressions slope, you need to learn to naturally cope!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Know how to heal yourself.
Spirit and soul.

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Cletus Hardiman's picture

I enjoyed this great little poem! It said a lot in a few words! But, then you only had 30 seconds! Right?? :)

Keep up the good work!

Nick Sansone's picture

This did sound like a PSA. I like the message your trying to send, but to me drugs are fine in moderation. Well anyways I liked your poem. Bye bye now.

Ernest Bevans's picture

I don't drink I don't pop pills I don't smoke I just naturally cope with the help of two vices; one of them is... and other is writing!