OH MY GOD!  “ HOW DID SHE DIE?”

Didn’t anyone hear her cry?

Could know one see her pain,

her fright?

NO!  To blinded by there

Own life’s light.

She was always so happy laughing, joking an such.

Did her life’s tribulations really hurt her so much?

I recall she was married.

He was abusive for years.

I know when she spoke of him her eyes filled with tears.

Then she lost her children in that nasty divorce.

She fell deep in depression.

that set the course.


“ MY GOD!” How deep was the depression

For which she fell?

How cold was the pit of her isolated hell?

“I beg!” learn from her darkness!

Yet, let it not darken your day.

For she’s gone !

It’s too late!

Now it’s for her children you must pray!!


To bad she followed such a sad weak path

she once was so strong

With a powerful laugh!  



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I must show my children unselfish true unconditional love.

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Abbey Reeder's picture

such a sad poem, but this happens to so many people. its a really good poem but really sad. i can relate to this to a certain extent because i have wanted to end my life quite a few times after my mother passed away when i was 14 and then with my jerk of a half-brother physically abusing me for like 5 years of my life. keep the faith and things will get better in all due time.

. Donkerman's picture

Ai Patty… I sit here, after reading this poem and I stare out the window over the wide ocean… Yes, depression - a broken heart, kids… All of those things bring back memories of forgotten times. When you look back - the good came after the bad.

Really such a sad poem!

Regards Donkerman