Dear Heart,

So good to see your feeling better and in such good cheer!

You were so broken and battered for many a year.

You were starving and fragile, even ripped apart.

Seems time has blessed and repaired thine sweet loving heart.

Now! Be ever so weary to again fall so deep.

For the repair time is long and decline quite steep.

Dearest heart,

Your my most tender possession, know the difference between LOVE and EMOTIONAL OBSESSION!

Love is faith. A sweet selfless whisper, a smile, a touch with grace. Only when this is returned to you can all fall in place.

Remember, some love can't last, this is fate.

So, you must treat love as a great nourishment

and be thankful if there be food on your plate.

Savior each bite as if it's your last, because before you know it this love to may pass.


Patty Hermes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love has now been understood. I will forever remember it's glory and pray for it's return.

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