You can say we had a parting of ways.

A kinder way to describe divorce these days.

We were all washed up! But, nothing went clean.

It was the filthiest thing I've ever seen!

To be dissolved or disconnected.

Yet, the children were sadly and drastically affected.

To dissociate, separate, divide.

Yet, our worlds still collide.

An the hate and anger and even some of the love you can not hide! And the rules and settlements you do not abide!

It's the death of a dream!

That's what you feel inside.


It's like a sad pitiful novel that just ends in the middle.

So you take your book and put it back on the shelf

and let the remaining pages just write them self.

What comes next?

How will this half end?

well,that's the wondrous mystery life will lend.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Every divorced person with children can relate to this poem.
Divorce is in every culture. It's kind of death to be morned.

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