Verbal Abuse

There once as a man that I liked to date,

He told me he was my loving soul mate.

Soon there after we did marry,

but quickly after that it became quite harry!

One day he said "You don't make me happy,

now make me dinner and make it snappy!"

I know that I should do my best

even though he told me I have sagging breast.

But, I thought I should try hard,then he called me a tub of lard.

I threated to leave lickety split.

Then he would call me a weak piece of shit!

I thought to make it better. I'd try to give him a hug,

that's when he would call me an obese ugly slug!

For when he puts me down it makes him feel like a man.

I knew one day I would take a stand.

But, I had two babys and didn't know if I could make it.

So, I shut up, sat down, and learned how to take it.

Is that when your self-esteem becomes a long lost dream?

There are so many who know what I mean.

Well, I stood up, I began to fight,

I know some thing's I did weren't right.

But now I will do whats best.

To help the sad heart of my children rest.

For when you believe in yourself to be true,

All good things will come back to you!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Controled by evil,jelousy & insecurity? Thinking the whole time its love..?
Blind or Afraid to leave?

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

besides being a cheater I put up with this nonsense myself and left a marriage after 15 years so can well relate as many others can. Excellent write!

. Donkerman's picture

Dear Patricia What a sad poem! Yes, if it is not working - get out. How sad that men would use their partners as verbal punching bags! Regards Donkerman