Mourning his betrayal.

Deception? His lie.

Defile life's dream,

violation of pride.

Bleed thine soul of trust.

Upon death we do  part? yes!

The death is of the dream and

the love from thine heart.

Lost and fated is the happiness

I felt before today.

For honer and trust have become

ravaged by decay.

Recklessly abandon!

A seize to the pain I do pray,

For I've been soulfully RAPED

this day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

May God help the person that lives through a day like this. In that moment my life was shattered!

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ugonna's picture

A soulful and deepfelt explication of man's inhumanity to women. This is a powerful, advocative piece, Patricia1 In "Pillaged", Patricia courageously takes us into those realms of life where we must face the reality of the pain women face in the hands of blatantly reckless mankind. Hear Patricia's soulful cry: "Recklessly abandon! A seize to the pain I do pray , For I have been soulfully RAPED this day." My humble prayer is that our good God will grant us the mustard seed faith, love and care to join hands and destroy this deceptive consciousness within this journey called life. May we come to know that "truth of the spotted leopard so that men really be free. May we learn and believe in the urgent truth of growing up and treating our women with love, respect and cherishment1 This is the hope and reality I leave with humanity this day! Ugonna

. Donkerman's picture

Dear Patty

Yes, and all we can do is cry in words - for we have no more tears left…

The ink is still bleeding in this poem, Patty. May the sands of time dry your bleeding heart.