One Night Stand



Here's a closer look

At a one-night stand.

It usually happens out

of the blue and

totally unplanned.

It's an unethical infraction

Caused by A sexual attraction.

It's to fill in you what?s hollow,

You don?t know why but you

still follow.(or swallow)

It doesn't even feel right,

It?s as if your mind takes fight.

Now what do you find when

there's no direction?

Some guy you don't know and his

drunken  Erection?

Along with some form of temporary


Then anger and guilt at your own


Please dear souls,

Pay Attention!    

You may become pregnent






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just be safe and love yourself.

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Ernest Bevans's picture

I think more people should ask the question: "If you cannot give your heart then why should I trust you with my body?" Here is a poem of disapointment that I have not yet posted, can I share it with you Worn Beauty There was a newness to the woman as if she was a new gift with ribbons unwraped which eyes had not yet seen... He laid on the new bed on fresh laundred linen; opaque lace curtains pleated, drawn in a room scarce lit with lavender candles with her pillow under his obtrusive head. He spies cosmetics, aresol cans, her trinkets her shoes beside the bed spike heels exposed. His eyes falls on the bright array of color. She returns and he unwraps her All this has it's fresh appeal until morning where day breaks just like a lamb among the lions and old crows... yes tommorow comes like the day after a pagan christmas when the boy leaves his newly unwrap toy to go back outside in the wet narrow streets back to clutching an old accustom football. ____________________________ And I agree with you - just because the body screams to be free doesn't mean it should let it out of the cage; like a white dove to be devored by heartless wolfs and ravaging hounds who could care less that the white dove is the symbol of peace and eternal love.

James Haggerty's picture

So much sex, hatred and disappointment. Disillusion. Heavens to Betsy! Makes me glad I'm a couch potatoe...and I only have eyes for you!!! There he goes again!!! James