Unholy Love


It was born innocent.


Its first steps were of
as if passion were all
there is:

God was passion, the earth was
passion; I ate and drank the
blessed insanity,
the inspired madness.


Where are you now,
killer angel?
You fed me in the shadows,
now you starve me in
the light of day.


See my hunger crawling
on this petal-soft moment,
watch the trees sink into
darkness I carved from a

just more darkness I added to
the world.


Love, as we define it, is
somewhere, shape-shifted,
playing games,
probably crossed
over into the spirit lands
by now.


I thought I saw it tangled up
in sobbing leaves and choking
light as I stumble
over the last
of heaven on my way
to a lovers' hell.


Water dreaming of fossilized sky . . .
the soul watches
from behind the pain.

It quarrels with
the fire within,
arguing its case for beauty.


Even beauty babbles
since I crashed
into your world.


Listen if you can, soul
falling fast:

night is a dragon after dark
but it sheds its scales
the moment the
spirit's eyes
open and the mind
can't tell
the difference between
dreams and
a shower of stars.


Still the scaly love clings
to me, a serpent,
sweet dementia,
a jester, a martyr
blessing a death that is
not death,
crowning himself with a
quasar of holiness.

I embrace the destruction,
and love again.


Patricia Joan Jones

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Symbiosis Says Love...I



Says Love...

I will not be moved

by primitive hands

and cold feet.

I am the core,

the eye around which

everything else swirls.

I am not an instrument,

I am the symphony.

I am not hope.

You are.

I am infinite.

You are possibility.

I am that I am...

Always (all ways)....



You ARE love, Patricia, and your poetry it's voice.


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What a breathtaking comment!

What a breathtaking comment! I treasure it. Thank you so much, bringer of light and virtuoso of words. 

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You have described my

You have described my paramour beautifully gripping I can say I understand the sickness and the joy but I have been very strong in the face of this because I know my true love is more worthy of my passion and it is just as dramatic and not nearly as pain free as one would expect which keeps it interesting the battle of the pendulum always arouses the the uncertainty of the conundrum! You are a fantastic poet love your themes and your eloquence! Kind regards SS.

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Thank you for your kind and

Thank you for your kind and insightful comment.