Forever My Brother

Family & Friends

Someday when all there is,
is forever

when love and truth have
untangled the chaos
of this wisp of time,

the Almighty may ask me:
What have you done with
this life?


And I'll answer:
The glory goes to my friends,
and here is one:

you sent him one winter
to show me the spring,

you sent him as a teacher,
an uplifter
and finally a brother.


Even in his shadow
I basked in the sun.
When I failed he knew
I could win.

Where I saw valleys
he saw the summit,
where I saw clouds
he saw Heaven-spun hope.

His faith drank every
pool of darkness in his


He believed . . .
so I did too.


For one brief and
brilliant season
I saw You.


Patricia Joan Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For a friend and mentor. 

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