Graduation Day

Family & Friends

For Robert


This day began years ago
when your soul left God
and the ground shifted,
horizons stretched farther;
and my little life grew
countless times.


Now you're walking away
again, this time toward
epics yet to be written.


Go to them, radiant spirit,

snatch that future just
beyond your reach,
don't be gentle with fate
or your dreams, then
cast your soul into the
awakening fire--
Shape it into wings.


Go to whatever that is
shining in your eyes,
whether it is near or far
away from me.


Take with you this one thing:
this heart you created in me,
the way the stars created
legends in the void,
the way light created gold
from empty air.


Patricia Joan Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A gift for my son on his graduation day. 

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