The soul believes
in everything
except what we name


so my soul must have
seen you while I was
sleeping because

in dreams
you were always
though I never knew
your name.


For half a lifetime I saw
the spiritlands in your
eyes though
I had yet to see your face,


and you were as
real to me as the God
of my childhood
before I touched
God through your words.


I sat on the shore
in those clean linen
summers and
believed the earth
watched through a
living jewel,
something like a lens
that sees Truth

and the Truth was
the dream of you:

first mist,
then an angel, then
a man.


And above me
--that sky!--
singed and scrambling
out to sea;

that color made me
believe you were


How many ways
did you say
"I love you"
like an acrobat of
whipping confections
out of air,
lotus blossoms from
the vacuum,
and chiseling
in High Renaissance


But the most beautiful
word, there at the
bottom of each
masterpiece . . .

was your name.


Patricia Joan Jones

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It's a stunner! It fits right

It's a stunner! It fits right in with all the rest of your jewels in that endless box of poetic alchemies.  I never leave here untouched.

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Thank you for that absolutely

Thank you for that absolutely exquisite feedback. It touched me deeply and meant so much. 

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Oh my!  Your sterling,

Oh my!  Your sterling, stellar turns of phrases give this poem as resonance that just vibrates off the screen and in the reader's mind.  And why don't I list the memorable -hrases?  Because I would end up writing almost poem's text here.  Every time I read, or re-read, a poem, or poems, of yours, I am reminded that the sense of poetic thrill---which used to accompany my reading when I first began to read poetry---is not a relic of my past, but still a very real presence.  It is just so particular, that only the finest of poets can stir it . . .  and that means you.


[ * /+/ ^ ]

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Reading such appreciation for

Reading such appreciation for a poem is almost as fulfilling as writing it, and certainly motivation to create more. 


Now all I need are the words to adequately express this ever-growing gratitude.