What Is the Night Without You?


I want to speak to you
about this night,


about a moon so wise it
can only speak of light,
but only a wisp of you
trails me, only the
thought of you
holds me.


The dream of you can
dance, but only in the
shadows and only to
the silver flutes of a
perfect vastness.


The night sky is more light
than darkness in the Truth
that you have taught me;
the night sky is a flood
of psalms and flame
seeping through the pinholes
of some god's grace,


just enough to keep us believing
in things beyond this.


Remorseless, taunting stars,
splinters of eternity
upon my earthbound heart;


longing like a sacrament,
an offering no god will accept,

longing like a sail
that catches every wind of beauty,
every scattered gust of hope,
only to snap back, change course,
die and live,
die and live.


I want to speak to you
about these reckless stars,
how they don't shine the way
they would if I were in
your arms,


if only for one shred of
their infinity,
I could taste their secrets
in your kiss.


by Patricia Joan Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem received the Romantic Quill Award at the Golden Quill poetry forum.

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Cailean Darkwater's picture

What more can I say? It brought a tear to my eye, with the sadness and joy it evokes within my heart. What more can I say? Words do not do justice, even as I try and speak the truth which resonates within. But it is a beautiful truth, this poem, and reverberates with your essence.