Disbelieving Gravity


Sweet is bitter
and bitter is sweet
when reason betrays us
and light has spilled out
of the air like water.


Darkness gushes past like
sleep at dawn and faith,
timid gazelle of the mind,
recedes as I approach.

Evil too large
like the glacial vastness
of a changing sky
that molds the captive desert,
scatters the last
heroes of earth,

for it has bought and
sold the planet
for a pittance.


A prayer, or a whimper,
escapes the heart ahead of
the lips, but like the lake
that swallows the sky,
I reflect all I hate.

Imprinted with pride,
stubborn as the pillars of Rome
I greet the edge and

Fall . . .


Surprised and unbroken,
I hear your voice, oh Lord,
and you reach for me
across the bottomless air.


by Patricia Joan Jones

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