Like the first motion
of spring,
in the fatal cold
we grew heartbeat
by heartbeat,
and near your soul,

love found a place to fly 

and sun-struck
from a ground paralyzed
as moonscape,


and lived.



And I follow it
like drugging smoke
that puts despair to sleep
and scrambles
the inner voice of care.


Born of dreams,
fed by desire,
it challenges things eternal,
things magical:
Proud skies
that burn to the earth
and dissolve
in the pure vastness
of oceans and sands,
stars that whisper
in black spaces
and connect infinity
fade before it.


Love outranks Creation,
confounds things sublime
whenever I hold you
and my arms are filled
with everything that
ever really mattered.


by Patricia Joan Jones

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Turki Amer's picture

i love the imagery here:

"And I follow it
Like drugging smoke
That puts despair to sleep
And scrambles
The inner voice of care"

"puts despair to sleep"

thanks for sharing