Grown Too Soon

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Yesterday you were an angel,
today you are a man.


Yesterday when you
were moments from heaven--
perfect innocence
just learning to breathe
I was a child
who couldn't allow my heart
to leave my body.


But finally it left

and followed
every step you took.
in a whirlwind of activity
I was always telling you:
not now . . . later . . .later . . .

I didn't realize that
when later comes,
it's often too late.


There was always something to do
I thought I'd regret not doing.


Why couldn't I see
my only regret
would be the time
not spent with you?


So many dreams are left
without conclusions.


So much of the world
left outside our tiny lives.


So many plans
never make their way into reality,

Fantasies are glass palaces
that shatter day by day.


But oh, the blessings I've known!
Dropped into my arms was a joy
I could roll around in like
Summer-scented grass.


For life happened
despite all my struggles,
God wove me a dream out
of love and a spirit.


For one dizzying,
galloping season
He loaned me an infant . . .
a boy. . . a man.


Now your life is no longer mine,
but my heart will forever be yours.


by Patricia Joan Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my son, Robert

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onelilartist's picture

You should read my poem, "A Mother's Morning" or "A Mother Looks At Graduation" or many others. I think you will decide that we have a lot in common. I still feel the stunning reality of letting them go, one by one. The only problem is that I shall never let go...not even in death for my prayers for my children will live after me. This was totally beautiful to read. Thank you for posting it. You get the "author's bouquet of excellence" for your efforts.

Jessica onelilartist