Heaven is a Moment


One day my mind eloped
with spun-sugar clouds
and I followed them to heaven
only to discover heaven was here:


it was always you.



Dreams are landscapes we
roll out like fabric
when the earth grows soft and pale,
the skeletons of glittering
angels that could be.


Seldom does reality
materialize from that sweet
incense too holy for our lives
but it did
the day you ended my search for you.



Romance is too often a body
without a soul,
but we are one soul
living two lives,
improving each other
chiding time.



I want to be alone with you
where snoring frogs and
fertile thoughts and
your breath are the only sounds.


We will become the music
the earth will dance to.


I want the chance to unravel
your cares
and paint the universe black
as the breathless years
between the stars,


for you to see nothing
but the fire I borrowed
from a youthful dream,
to hear nothing but my
newborn heart spelling
out the words:
I love you.



by Patricia Joan Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This received The International Award for Excellence and Beauty at The Golden Quill poetry forum.

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Marie Fair's picture

Wonderful poem. Anyone that can make me smile on a Tuesday deserves highest praise! Great!